Thursday, January 12, 2017

FH Travels: Chapel Hill, NC (December 2016)

Don't mind me, just STILL recapping the holidays.

Right after Christmas, we planned a road trip to North Carolina. We left on Boxing Day and were gone for 6 days. We have made the trip down a bunch of times but have always taken the same route. This time, we went a different way and I was so excited about it! We passed through Washington DC and Richmond on the way to Chapel Hill. Despite not having an opportunity to stop and walk around, I was pumped to see the Capital and all its fanciness.

We made this trip in honour of Mike's 30th birthday which was just a few weeks prior. It was his wish to celebrate it by going to his favourite place and seeing a basketball game. UNC played Monmouth and we managed to score really good seats right behind the player bench. It was fun to watch a replay of the game when we got home and see ourselves on TV!

Because of our timing, everything was still decorated for Christmas and it was lovely. We stayed at my favourite hotel ever, the Carolina Inn on campus. I've gushed about it before but it's just the prettiest quintessential Southern hotel and it's even more gorgeous during the holidays.

This time around, Mike and I tried a bunch of new food places around Chapel Hill. Among them was Sup Dogs, The Pig, Rise, and my favourite - Elmo's, where we spotted one of the Carolina players on a date!

Of course, we strolled around campus and enjoyed the awesome warm weather. One day was even warm enough for short sleeves! It was heaven. And we even saw flowers blooming in December! Not a reality in Canada.

The Sun Bowl was on the 30th so we watched at a bar near campus with a ton of other Tar Heel fans. Unfortunately, Mike and I were both sad to see UNC end their football season in a loss but they played a great game.

And finally, we couldn't leave without picking up a couple Tar Heel things for Baby. Mike was excited to pick out the perfect stuffed animal of Ramses which he insists will be the baby's favourite. It was hard to not buy a lot more but we did a good job restraining ourselves. It's crazy to think that likely the next time we visit, we will go as a family of three!


  1. Sounds like it was a great trip! That hotel looks amazing - I can see why you love it so much!

  2. Such a fun trip! I can't believe the Christmas decor in that hotel. How beautiful!

  3. Love that y'all made a trip down to UNC over Christmas! I bet it was fun being able to watch a football game in a bar at UNC with lots of other Carolina fans :)

  4. I've missed your posts! This looked like such a fun trip- especially for Mike's birthday & so fun you guys were able to stop in DC for a little bit. Chapel Hill looks like such a gorgeous campus!