Thursday, January 26, 2017

Guys Behind The Blog - January

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It's Guys Behind The Blog time again! I just wanted to thank all you ladies that bug your guys to participate in our little series every month. I always love hearing what Mike and all the others have to say. This month we are chatting about all things winter. And you will quickly learn that Mike isn't a huge fan. It has been freezing here for the past few months and we are both very much #overit.

Q: Are you a New Year's resolution person? Why or why not?
A: I think I'm a borderline New Year's resolution person. It sounds kind of wishy washy, but I sometimes see the start of a new year to reflect on who I am and what I want to be and how I can improve, but I tend to not set measurable goals or promise to do things that I know I won't follow through on.

Q: Do you like the colder months or do you prefer the warmer months? Why?

A: You show me one person who says they prefer the colder months and I'll show you a liar. I can do without the miserable, life draining, soul sucking cold forever. It is very unfortunate to say, but I could do without the weather from November to April. That's about 6 months per year of my life that I essentially wish away.

Q: Have you ever been skiing or snowboarding? If so, did you enjoy it?
A: Haven't been skiing or snowboarding. See above. Besides, I'm not risking breaking my leg or tearing my ACL on the slopes. There are no ACL tears sitting in front of a fireplace watching TV from the couch.

Q: Where is your favorite winter vacation you've ever taken?
A: February 2009 - Miami. It was my first time on an airplane and my first vacation with Evelina. We were in the middle of a miserable winter and we spent a week in the sun and warmth around palm trees and spent time watching baseball and eating outside. It was the best.

Q: If you were paid $100,000 to stay in a cabin in the mountains (in the winter) with no Internet or TV for a month, could you do it? How would you spend your time?
A: $100K for a month in the mountains? No internet or TV? Yeah. Sign me up. I'd pick February since it's the shortest month. The Super Bowl is meh and I'd be out for the best part of the college basketball season. I'd spend my time there thinking about how I was going to spend my $100,000.


Next month's link up will go live on February 23rd. So join us then with the following questions for your guy:
  1. Name two things your wife has taught you.
  2. What was your favourite part of your wedding day?
  3. Valentine's Day is usually more about the girl. But what is something YOU would like to receive on Valentine's Day?
  4. What was the best date you and your wife had?
  5. If money was no option and you could go anywhere in the world with just your spouse, where would you go and what would you do?
     6.   Valentine's Day - Hallmark holiday or real holiday?
     7.   What is your favourite romantic comedy movie?


The link up was originally hosted by Betsy at Heavens to Betsy and Laura at According to Laura JeanThey decided to discontinue to series so  Crystal from Hall Around TexasElizabeth from Chasin MasonJamie from Cocktails and CarseatsJessica from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom and I thought it would be fun to take it over. 


  1. Ha ha!! I love his answer for number 5. That is awesome!! Very blunt and to the point.

  2. He's cracking me up! Soul sucking cold!!! But I agree... the best winter vacations are to somewhere warm and tropical!

  3. Aw, this was cute. And hilarious! Loved reading his answers. I'm not going skiing either!

  4. So fun! I'm hoping to link up next time. I love Mike's is why avoid skiing too!

  5. You show me one person who prefers the colder months and I'll show you a liar. LOL.
    And I'm with him... I may have some goals I would like to do, but I hate calling them "resolutions" because then I feel bad if I don't accomplish them. I'm a no pressure kind of person!