Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Dream Destination (Guest Post)

I recruited the very lovely Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders blog to chat with you guys today. Ashley is basically the queen of travel and has been pretty much everywhere. San Diego, Charleston, Portland, Fredericksburg, and LA are just a few of her most recent trips. I want her life! 

Oh, and she has the sweetest three-legged pup named Dart. If nothing else, click over to her blog to see Dart! 

Ashley was so sweet to agree to write a guest post for me while I'm off visiting my family in Poland. Her post below gave me chills when I read it because it hits so close to home!

You can follow more of Ashley's adventures on her instagram: @thewanderingweekenders


Hello Fortunate House blog readers! My name is Ashley and I blog over at The Wandering Weekenders. A couple of years ago my husband earned Companion Pass through Southwest Airlines which means that anywhere he flies, I can fly with him, for free. Needless to say, our traveling hearts got super excited, and even though we both work typical 9-5 jobs, we still find the time to travel, especially on the weekends.

When Evelina asked me to guest post while she was in Poland visiting her family, I knew immediately what I wanted to talk about, and as I'm sure you guessed, it's definitely travel related, it's my dream destination!
One of the things that I love about Evelina's blog is when she talks about her Polish roots and her Polish family. Knowing about where your family is from and their history and culture has always interested me so much, which is why I've always been drawn to The Czech Republic and Prague in particular. 

Before WWII, back when The Czech Republic was still Czechoslovakia, my great grandparents immigrated to the United States through Galveston, Texas and started a small farm in Blessing, Texas. My grandfather was actually the first person in his family to go to college, and through his travels for work he was actually able to go back and visit family members that were still living in The Czech Republic. He even spent time on and was able to trace our family tree very far back in Czechoslovakian history. So you see, it runs in my blood.

Because I'm mostly Czech (even if I'm really only a quarter Czech) the idea of visiting where my ancestors came from has always thrilled me. The idea that I might be walking where somebody that I'm related to might have walked hundreds of years ago is just so surreal and amazing to me.
I also kept on hearing about the beauty of Prague, and how during WWII Hitler refused to bomb and destroy the city because it was too beautiful. Today Prague still has that old world charm and buildings that are hundreds upon hundreds of years old that weren't destroyed during an atrocious war.
Last year we found out that our friends who are in the Air Force were being stationed in Italy for a few years. As soon as I found out, I started planning our trip to visit them, and you'd better believe that Prague and the Czech Republic are on our itinerary! I'm so excited to finally mark one huge thing off my bucket list and travel to my dream destination in September!
Thank you so much for letting me guest post Evelina! I hope that you're having a great time in Poland and I can't wait to read about it!


  1. Thanks again for letting me guest post! It looks like you're having a great time in Poland from your snaps and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Ahhh obsessing over this post - my mom's family is Czech!

  3. Ashley! I can't wait until you go on your trip and blog about it!!! I've never been to the Czech Republic either but I'd LOVE to go! That is awesome that your family found out all about your ancestry. And I love that he started a farm in Blessing - I'm not even sure where that is! :-p

    1. I'm not sure where it is either lol! There's a couple of bloggers that I follow that are snapping their way through some of the countries that we'll be going to later on this year and I'm seriously dying! It looks even more beautiful than I've imagined, and I can't wait to see it in person!

  4. What a gorgeous place to visit and amazing trip. I think you're so right about the importance of exploring your heritage-- whether it's reading about it, or traveling if you're able! I can't wait to hear about your trip when you guys go!

  5. Awesome place. i love heritage, so i must go in few weekends.

  6. What an amazing story, I love that you got to go back to where your family originated. I am dying to visit the city and all it's beauty. Thanks for sharing!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod