Thursday, February 25, 2016

Guys Behind The Blog: February

This month's questions are about leap year. To be completely honest, I totally forgot that this was a leap year because it doesn't affect us very much. Here are Mike's thoughts about the bonus day! 
Q: This year is Leap Year — what are you going to do to celebrate?
A: I don't think we'll do anything at all to celebrate the leap year. Here in Canada, February is the coldest, snowiest month and I always want it over with as soon as possible. So instead of celebrating the extra day in February, I'll probably complain about how it's been extended by another day. Bah humbug.

Q: If you could create an obscure holiday, what would it be and why?
A: If I could create an obscure holiday, it would be called Bracket Day. It would be celebrated annually in March on the first two days of the NCAA Basketball Tournament so that everybody could spend 48 hours watching basketball without pesky work interrupting it and getting in the way. I mean, who actually does work at work on those days anyways? 

Q: Have you seen the movie Leap Year? If not, tell us about another romantic comedy you have seen.
A: I have not seen the movie Leap Year. I couldn't even tell you who is in it. Is it like one of those "Valentine's Day" or "New Year's Eve" movies with like 2,839,234 celebrities in them? Unlike most guys (or probably more realistically I'm one of the few who will actually admit it), I actually like RomComs. As far as movie genres go they probably fall somewhere behind teen dramas and Will Ferrell type comedy movies for me. And yes, I do have the movie viewing habits of a 14 year old. I know that really didn't answer the question, but I can't really remember the last romantic comedy we saw as we're not very big movie people in general.

Q: Tradition has it that women are supposed to propose to their men on leap day. Would you (or did you) say yes if your girl popped the question?
A: If Evelina had been the one to propose to me, I'd have said yes. I probably would have been embarrassed that I took so long that it had to come to that, but I definitely would have said yes. While I know there's no practical reason why guys are the ones who have to propose, I'm still a bit of a traditionalist in that sense. I also think you shouldn't propose without knowing what the answer will be and without having spoken about it already, so if you get to that point and your girl is still waiting so long for a proposal that she has to ask herself? Dude.... come on already!

Q: If you had to have a special event take place on leap day, what would it be (ex: wedding, birthday, birth of your child, etc)?
A: If I had to have a special event take place on a Leap Year, I would want it to be a death in the family. Sorry to be morbid, but it's going to happen eventually to everybody anyways. There's nothing worse than being reminded about a sad event that took place on that date every year. Only having to think about that date every four years wouldn't be so bad. A wedding or a birth is a fun event and something that you want to celebrate every year, so I think it would suck to only commemorate that date every four years.

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  1. I totally love the idea of Bracket Day. I think they say during March Madness, people's productivity at work just plummets!

  2. I totally forgot about the movie Leap Year - definitely need to watch it this year!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. HAHA Bracket Day?! Such a guy :) But I have to agree, is there really any work done during March Madness? <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I love his answers to these-- I've never seen Leap Year either and while it would be fun to celebrate the extra day, I'm kind of with him on wanting February to be over faster! haha.

  5. Bracket day should most definitely be a holiday!

  6. Oh man, if Seth could transfer the holiday that Mike said to baseball, he'd be all over that! But I have to admit, bracket day is a pretty good holiday idea!
    That wedding photo of yours is gorgeous!!!

  7. I didn't even know it was a leap year. Do I live under a rock or something? Very creative response about bracket day. lol

  8. What a fun post! The only reason I know it's a leap year is because I have to travel on that day for work haha

  9. He had such good answers! I loved that he said that he would have said yes if you proposed first, but would have been embarrassed because he took so long!

  10. Bracket Day is a great idea!! And I love Leap Day - my husband proposed to me that day! :) (We didn't know about the girl proposing idea at the time)

  11. Raa I forgot again! Haha Mike is hilarious. His response to the first question.

    I actually saw Leap Year it's okay definitely not a movie I'd watch over and over again, but better than Valentine's Day or New Years Eve. I actually did like Love Actually and that had a lot of actors.

    this: "If Evelina had been the one to propose to me, I'd have said yes. I probably would have been embarrassed that I took so long that it had to come to that" hahahahahahahaha. I don't see that from Mike waiting too long to propose. I absolutely love your wedding photo!

    And mikes response to the last one is so thoughtful (not like that's so nice of you), but I would have never thought of saying an answer like that.

    liz @ j for joiner

  12. Mike had some very well thought out answers, nice work! I guess I have a 14 yo's taste in comedies too! Frat boy humor really tickles my funny bone lol.

  13. I've never seen Leap Year! I need to get on that... those kinds of movies are right up my alley! Hubs... not so much. Haha. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. I would totally celebrate Bracket Day! My husband would love it too!

    I really appreciate his answers to these questions. I like how well thought out they are!