Monday, December 14, 2015

Real vs. Fake

On the reg, fake is a no-go for me. I don't have faux designer purses, shoes, clothes. I'd rather have no-name than fake.

But there's one department where I am team fake all the way.

The Christmas tree.

I know this is a very polarizing debate. Pro-real tree people are usually very passionate about their real trees. And I am very passionate about my artificial tree. I reserve zero judgement for whichever team you are on. To each their own!

But here's why I am all about that fake pine life:

- Needles don't fall off: The holidays are obviously very busy for everyone and I don't have any extra time to be sweeping up needles from under the tree. Or to worry about my cat munching on some fallen pine branches
- Easy set up: My current tree comes in three parts! I take it out of the box and one, two, three and it's up! It literally takes about five minutes. I also have the flexibility to put it where ever I want in our house. I don't need to worry about keeping it too close to heat sources.
- Pre-lit: Those three parts have lights on already. No need to detangle and make sure no bulbs broke throughout the year. This may be my favourite part of a fake tree.
- Stay warm: Decembers in Canada can get pretty chilly and I want no business trucking through snow to cut down a tree. Never mind the long, scary drive up to a tree farm.
- One-time cost: We bought our tree on Boxing Day the year before we got married. We knew we would need one the following year and got a great deal. It was regular $200 and we got it for $67! Since then, we haven't spent a penny on a Christmas tree! A quick google search told me that a real tree is on average $50. I'd rather spend that money on gingerbread lattes at Starbucks.
Different looks: Don't want a traditional green one? No problem. White, pink, black, silver, whatever you want! (I love the white ones!) You can even get one that is really skinny or extra fat for your particular space.
- No watering: I can't be trusted to remember to water anything. I have enough to think about during this time of the year!
- Lasts as long as you want: This year we put up our tree in late November and it looks as great as now as it did that day. And I don't have to worry about taking it down right away either. A real one only lasts about 3 weeks.
- Easy transportation: I wouldn't know how to strap a tree to the top of our car, nor do I want to. Put it inside the car? Do you find needles in March? No thanks.
- Accessible everywhere: This doesn't apply to me, but to my warm-climate dwelling friends. How do people in, for example, Jamaica get a real Christmas tree? Sounds expensive.

While an artificial tree is no-doubt more convenient, it is definitely not as authentic. I get that. And that's a pretty big deal to a lot of people.

Cons of a fake tree:
- No smell: There's nothing like the smell of a real evergreen. You can pretend all you want with candles and sprays but it's just not the same.
- No cutting down experience: While it can get pretty cold, it's always exciting to pick out the perfect one. Going all together as a family and taking pictures in front of your perfect tree is a lot of fun.
- Not authentic: Fake trees are a pretty new thing, relatively speaking. Most of us grew up with real tree in our homes and it's definitely more traditional.
- Can look fake: While fake trees have definitely gotten better over the last couple of decades, some just scream "counterfeit." Some argue that some trees can look too perfect and cookie-cutter.
- Storage: Our tree is seven feet tall and even in three pieces, it takes up a lot of space. Luckily for us, we have an unfinished basement that is filled with junk and stuff we don't use every day. But not everyone has room to store it for 11 months.

So I am dying to know. Are you on Team Real or on Team Fake? 


  1. Girl we have been team fake for the last 5 years!!! And I see it staying that way until we have a bigger space...just no room! I love how easy it is to set up and put away!! The best! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I have never had a real christmas tree! I think I'll definitely need to get one once in my life but fake are so much easier and can look pretty good!

  3. Girl I love fake trees! Kyle's all about a real tree when we move, but me, I would love just a fake tree, no watering, no dropping pine needles, etc. My mom used to have the real deal and one year she entrusted me to water the plant, well needless to say I forgot, and they day before or the day of Christmas, all of the pine needles dropped. So we went to fake after that. Right now we have a small Charlie Brown tree and it does just fine with SOphie and the Fluffy running around the house.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  4. We have never had a fake tree but you might be changing my mind! At $70 annually, I might just give in and buy the faux one. But, I do love the smell and tradition of a real tree. I can't decide ahh!

  5. I grew up with a fake tree, but we've been buying a real one since my husband and I bought our house. I do love love love it, but I totally get the appeal of having a big fake one that you don't have to deal with maintaining and cleaning up after for a month. So many pine needles! And pre-lit would be amazing!

  6. Your tree look sooooo beautiful! And you are right about the costs each year! I think we are headed to go get our this week which will have to be the same size as last years... I feel like it is too close to Christmas to justify buying more ornaments!

  7. I once inherited a fake Christmas tree. Cut to the final cons of fake trees: storage. Turns out storing it in the outdoor shed only worked out for the animals that snuck into the box and nested in the tree. They also apparently wanted to redesign the tree, so they chewed through plastic, and metal, to move things around. Tree in pieces.

  8. I've always been for the fake tree and always will be!!! My husband however was always on the real train - I suggested (actually this morning) that maybe as a compromise, because I think it would actually be fun to go pick out the tree, to get one next year for our deck because we'll still see plenty of it!

  9. I have a fake tree and really want to get a prelit one next! But I could do either one, the smell is a small draw but the watering and dropping needles is a big pain. Again, your tree is gorgeous!

  10. We have a real tree and have had one for the past couple years. We used to have a fake one though when I lived with my parents because my brother was allergic. I was cool with either one, but like you said, there's nothing that beats the smell of a real tree!