Thursday, December 17, 2015

Guys Behind The Blog: December

Guys. 7 days left until Christmas. Ah! So while I panic and scramble, Mike is here to chat a little about the holidays. 

Christmas 2014

In case you aren't familiar with Guys behind The Blog, it is a monthly link-up hosted by Betsy at Heavens to Betsy and Laura at According to Laura Jean. It spotlights the amazing men in our lives by asking them a few light-hearted questions. I always love hearing from the guys!

Q: What's on your Christmas list this year?
A:  I don’t really have much on my Christmas list this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love stuff and I love presents, but now that I’m older and have money I can just go out and buy whatever I want - and much to Evelina’s chagrin, I often do. Buying for me can be very stressful and overwhelming for others because I have very distinct tastes and much of what I like can’t be bought in stores, and I recognize that, so I tend to not really ask for anything. Evelina and I did want a new computer, so I just asked for people to help us out with that.

Q: Did you believe is Santa as a child? Do you have any funny Santa stories?
A: I definitely believed in Santa as a child, and I definitely milked it as long as possible. You know that you’re too old for Santa when you ask him for rap CDs that have “EXPLICIT CONTENT” labels on them. I think I was probably in 5th or 6th grade when that happened. I knew then that it was time to pull the plug on the whole Santa thing, and I feigned surprise when I found the receipt for the Busta Rhymes CD that Santa brought me in my mom’s coat pocket. 
I think every kid should grow up believing in Santa. It’s part of the magic of Christmas, and you can only be a child once, so why take that joy away from them?

Q: What is a Christmas tradition you hope to pass on someday?
A:  While it’s not a tradition of mine, I really like the Polish Christmas Eve tradition that Evelina brought into my life. While I could probably do without the thousand fish-based dishes that are served, celebrating on Christmas Eve is such a unique thing here in Canada. Aside from that, I’d like for us to travel somewhere as a family over the holidays. It’s not exactly a tradition that I’d be passing down, but rather one that we can start once our family expands beyond the two of us.

Q: Do you open presents on Christmas morning or a different time?
A: We usually spend Christmas Eve with Evelina’s mom and brother, so we exchange all our presents to ourselves then, and we exchange presents with my family on Christmas day.  Growing up, my family always exchanged the presents on Christmas morning. I don’t really have a preference either way, but I think the Christmas morning gift exchange sort of adds to the mystique and excitement of Santa. There was nothing like running down the stairs and seeing if Santa visited you.

Christmas 2013

Q: What is your favorite Christmas song?  Movie? 
A:  I like a lot of the classic Christmas songs. I like “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” by Brenda Lee, and I even like some of the modern classics like Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” I know that all Christmas songs need to be original at some point, but I don’t like some of the more current made up ones. I definitely like ones that are classics and that I grew up listening to.
My favourite Christmas movies in order are: 1) Bad Santa 2) Elf 3) Home Alone 2. I probably won’t be able to sit around with my children and watch Bad Santa for obvious reasons, but I remember the first time I saw that movie and I had no idea that it was that kind of movie. The title doesn’t lie when describing Billy Bob Thornton’s character. And for as funny and crude as it is, it actually has a pretty decent message at the end. 


  1. Love this post and I think Mike and I have similar taste in Christmas music and movies! I love y'alls tradition and would love to know more about a traditional Polish meal!!

  2. Girl, he is good at answering questions!!! I'm posting Seth's on Monday and they are like one word answers lol. Mike totally goes in depth!
    Also, I agree with him. Once you get older, you just kind of go out and buy what you want or need. It's hard to ask people for certain things because usually what you want is big (like a computer). Asking for gift cards, though people think it is impersonal, which I guess it is (but I love them anyway!), is definitely the way to go though!

  3. I'm the same with presents - if I want it I will just buy it lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I loved believing in santa, I woudld always tell my mom I could hear the reindeer landing on the roof and that santa got stuck in the chimney again (ours was blocked to prevent birds from nesting and we didn't use it).

    Kyle says Im picky and hard to shop for because I flip flop so much (oops, sorry!) so I can relate to Mike on that.

    and have you worn glasses in a picture before?? I don't think I've ever seen you with glasses on. Totally random.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  5. Presents for adults is the hardest! I hope you guys get an awesome new computer :)

  6. Isn't this series so much fun?!?! Love all those movies he chose!