Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Front Door Painting: From Beige To Beige

A door is a first impression of your house. And mine was pretty sad. And embarrassing. The paint on it was chipping like woah. See?

At least it may have scared away some sales people? It was clearly desperate for a paint job. So that's what it got!

I was super nervous about striking this task off of our Summer To-Do List. I thought it was going to be a way bigger task that it actually was. To calm my anxiety, my amazing mother-in-law offered to come over and help me get the job done. It was so nice to have someone experienced oversee the mess.

She basically told me that there are 4 steps in painting an exterior door: sand, wash, paint, dry. Aside from drying time, the sanding part is what had originally scared me. I was picturing crazy sanding machines and getting all of the old paint off. We only ended up sanding the parts that needed it and it took about 15 minutes between the two of us.

Of course I had removed my wreath and window insert, and taped up the door hardware. After the sanding, we washed the surface with hot water mixed with a little dish soap.

And now for the fun part! Paint! Unfortunately, we are not allowed to choose the colour of our door due to our complex's restrictions. I would loved to have painted our front door a pretty bright yellow, robins egg blue, or even a sophisticated black. But "builder's beige" will have to do. I grabbed a bunch of paint chips from Home Depot to try to best match the original colour.

We taped them up for a good day or so and I am sure our neighbours thought we lost it. I feel like none of these worked perfectly and after a little deliberation session with Mike, we settled on Stonewashed by Behr. The paint department person at HD recommended we get the Behr Exterior Paint and Primer to ensure longevity.

I have been painting interior doors for years and I always paint them in a certain order. I found this graphic from Thrifty Decor Chick that explains it perfectly.

I used a paint brush for the panel frames and a foam roller for the rest to avoid brush strokes. I also touched up the frame of the window with a nice fresh coat of white trim paint. Once the painting portion was done, it was drying time. It was a nice breezy dry day so it dried really quickly but I left the door open for about 5 hours to be safe. My cats only tried to escape a few times.

And there she is all pretty and happy!

I must admit that the colour turned out a bit lighter than it was before but hopefully our complex people won't say anything to us. I especially love how my wreath really pops now on the bright background!

I am so happy to cross this chore off of my list. And now I know that painting an exterior door is far from scary!


  1. The cheery welcome mat really gives it a little pop as well! Looks great girl! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Only you can write a full post on door painting, and make it actually very engaging ;P You should work in marketing.

  3. I love it!!! It's so bright and cheery! I've been wanting to paint our front door for years, but that would mean painting all the trim around the door, the windows and the shutters. UGH. Way more work than I want to commit to.

  4. Oh I love it so so much, you seriously picked the perfect color! And still loving that wreath you made. The flowers are so vibrant and pop perfectly. Such a welcoming front area :)

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. I love it!!! And the curb appeal! It looks so good.
    I was taking a picture of Mason in front of our door the other day and was disgusted at how bad it looked. Ugh. When we finally own a home, the curb appeal is going to be one of the top things I work on first!

  6. Ugh I have to do this too!! Everyone loved our front door, but notice how I took a pic like 20 feet away? With good reason! And you guys did some serious heavy duy on re-painting, I literally just scraped off dirt and painted a new coat of paint when I painted my door purple. Is that a bad thing?

    The lighter color brings out the wreath and your welcome mat soooo much more! Definitely a good choice. Also why do you paint in that order?

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  7. The front door looks GREAT! Amazing what some fresh paint will do :)!

  8. Girl, that looks so good!!! Love that color :)

  9. It looks so good and really brightens up your porch area!

  10. Really looks GREAT! - Seri from www.Serisblog.com

  11. It looks great! I love your wreath and mat!

  12. That is really good looking. I feel like it can be so difficult to find a color for a door and I think the problem is that I get caught up in what color the door already is. For some reason I really struggle to change the color of a door because I am so nervous that it'll look bad.

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware

  13. A freshly painted front door makes such a difference, especially when you find the perfect shade of beige. The front door is visitor's first impression of your home, and now yours looks bright and cheery, especially with the blue mat and the flowers. It's amazing how a little bit of paint can change your whole porch.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock