Wednesday, June 24, 2015

To Do List: Summer 2015

Summer is officially here as of this weekend and I couldn't be more thrilled! Mike recently pointed out to me that I do a really good job embracing each season. I really think each season has it's advantages and we should appreciate each one. Summer brings with it longer days, warm weather, and shorter work hours -- which means more time to do things around the house! Don't worry. We still make sure to hit up the beach and do plenty of FUN summary things.

But that's not what this post is about. It's about holding myself accountable for the less-than-fun things that I need to get done.

To recap, here's my spring list. 
  1. make trellis for climbing flowers (rose + clematis) out of fishing line
  2. paint kitchen
  3. paint dining room
  4. paint living room
  5. paint hallway + stairway
  6. wash all windows
  7. fix up front garden
  8. clean BBQ
  9. get rid of dead bush in backyard
  10. reorganize front hall closet (put away winter gear)
  11. replace cream vents with white ones
  12. clean kitchen appliances
  13. wash couch slipcovers
  14. wash garage floor
  15. clean inside both cars
  16. put down fresh mulch
  17. reseed the lawns
  18. reorganize "receipt drawer"
  19. reorganize pots + pans cupboard
  20. hang pictures around vanity desk 
I'm embarrassed. I had such high hopes of getting everything on that list done and sadly, it didn't. And I have zero excuses. 

So let's stick the uncrossed items on this season's list and hope for the best.

1. wash all windows
2. clean BBQ
3. clean kitchen appliances
4. wash garage floor
5. clean inside both cars
6. paint upstairs stairway (we painted the lower half already!)
7. put down fresh mulch
8. reorganize "receipt drawer"
9. reorganize pots + pans cupboard
10. hang pictures around vanity desk
11. take + hang anniversary photo
12. print wedding photo for bedroom frame
13. fix stairs in front of house
14. paint front door
15. water grass regularly
16. fix loose kitchen sink
17. fix Mike's dresser drawer
18. fix faucet in garage
19. fix faucet in backyard
20. art for living room frames

What am I missing? 

These lists really help us stay accountable and be semi-good home owners. I'm really lucky because Mike is a teacher and is off all summer... and we all know what that means. 

#honeydolist  (Love you babe!)


  1. You did a great job for your spring list - no need to get down on yourself about it!! I had high hopes our first year of marriage of doing anniversary photos but that never happened LOL! two years later and it still hasn't happened! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You did an amazing job on your spring list! I have a mental list of things I want to get done for every weekend and well.....none get done. Good luck with the summer list!!

  3. You seriously make me feel like a total slob :P My list mostly contains one word: "Clean up!" :P

  4. After all the painting you did in the spring- you're still making me feel lazy!

  5. Good luck on the summer cleaning list! you did great on the spring cleaning, I think I did one for spring cleaning in the spring, and that was to make the bed, whoops.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. You guys have been busy! I really should make a list like this. I am a very organized person but I could care less about dust on a shelf! I'm going to do better:)

  7. I love this!! I really need to make seasonal lists to help me stay on track too!! And I think you did great on your spring list!!

  8. I love this!! I really need to make seasonal lists to help me stay on track too!! And I think you did great on your spring list!!